stories that unfold

I thought of writing about the review of a book which is generally popularized as a simple story. Stickeen: An adventure with a dog and a glacier by John Muir. John Muir was not only a mentor for wildlifer but his stories are an inspiration for any adventurous soul. he has authored many stories about his vast adventurous life which are unable to do justice to this ecologist persona. Like most of us in wildlife, probably Muir was also reluctant about his interest in a “feeble pet dog” and believed the true lessons are offered by wild and free souls. We learn from the animals who enjoy the wonderful mother nature in their own unique way. However on a trip to Alaska Muir found that the heroes and teachers are often souls who respond with courage in an adverse situation.

Stickeen was one such company. A feeble dog accompanying the group to Alaska was the last thing to show any courage, adventure; or so Muir felt when he first lay his eyes on him. But a disinterested-on-whole-trip Stickeen showed loyalty when it was least expected of him. Muir being a lover of glaciers wanted to see it in a different perspective and so the storm was one of the perfect filters for him to explore glaciers. However, the team members oblivious of his plan were peaceful in slumbers of sleep and didn’t bother to think about his whereabouts. Normally timid Stickeen saw Muir venturing out and decided to be his company in this adventure when he couldn’t dissuade Muir from this dangerous mission. He followed Muir and explored the wild by his side.  In the process, Stickeen explored his fears and made Muir realize his loyalty was greater than his fear.

For Muir his adventure for glaciers and wilderness was the inspiration and push but what was the inspiration for Stickeen? What made this innocent, speechless soul venture out in the most dangerous storm on the most dangerous path following the almost stranger? This guy was not his master too that he needed to show his loyalty and in the process risk his life. A lovely story which leaves a mark on minds of any animal lover. Children would especially enjoy this true account of Muir life wherein adversity he made a lifelong friend but also as it explores the realms of dog overcoming his fears. The speechless companions have fear of their own and courage to overcome it, which is impressive and worth understanding!


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