the bird delight

Mussorie is a delight for humans for the cool weather and pleasant walk in the mountain. But it is also a perfect playground for many birds. More so the way from Doon valley to Mussorie provide enchanted encounters of birds, butterflies and many more interesting small survivors. The heavy traffic and changing weather is creating problem for the hill station and its musical residents. Post a rainy night, I decided a trek to the Mussorie to explore bird which on vehicle gets too difficult and annoying.

From Rajpur road, a famous shop Hathi tea stall marks the identifying location if the trek. If one cannot figure out old route to Mussorie from Dehradun ask people about this shop! Its right next to the Christian Retreat and Study Center in Rajpur. the trek opposite to that will take you to Jharipaani and trek to Mussorie . The old toll of British India time is present ahead of which is  heritage route to Mussorie.

walking up the trail we encountered many birds and yes lots of lantana bushes. The prominent bids on the trek were Rufous sibia, Egyptian vulture,streaked laughing thrush, purple sunbird, crimson sunbird, oriental white eye. Further up on the trek as we reach Barlogunj, we encountered great barbet, Bar-tailed Treecreeper,Blue-throated Barbet,Chestnut-bellied Rock-Thrush,Russet Sparrow,Green-backed Tit,Black-lored Tit,Thick-billed Flowerpecker .


Barlowganj is a small settlement which is mid-way to Mussorie. The famous location is Jharipani of this area where people can trek from the main town itself. Some nice place to stay and walk around if your are looking for peaceful environment. One could see the real birds as well as painted ones in the town and flowering of rhododendron can be witnessed in this small settlement. Bus travelling to this route is not very frequent.

The trek  was exactly how many kilometers we could never tell. Rain, running after birds, exploring trees and talks amongst the exploration of route might have added to 4-5 km extra to the total trek. We concluded that we might have walked some 12-13 km from Rajpur road to Mussorie in 7 hours. But all the bird sighting and beautiful landscape view made it a memorable and worthwhile trek.


Will explore another route in the hills, till then happy birding!


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