To convert multiple kml file (googleearth layer) to shapefile with QGIS.


If you have multiple point, polygon in kml format we can use QGIS to convert all as shapefile in single step.

  1. Following is example of kml point files, b1, b2, b3, b4, b5, b6kml-points
  2. Open Qgis Toolbox
  3. Goto  Geoalgorithms>Vector>General Tools> Save selected feature. Right click on it and select execute as batch processpicture1


  1. In the window of Batch processing , select your KML (google earth layer) from file system. The + sign is to increase the number of rows if you have many kml files.picture2

5.In the selection window,  give the output file name and location for shapefile that need to be created.picture3

6.In the autofill settings, preferably select fill with parameter value if you want to save the content of kml file.picture4

7.By default , keep yes in load in QGIS.

8.Once all the kml has been loaded in Input layer, click on run. Close window when batch process complete come.

9.Result will be displayed as followspicture5


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