Some plant beauty

clockwise 1. curcuma (possibly kaali haldi -curcuma caesia-which is used by Gond tribes for various treatment of stomach and respiratory problems. The rhizome is regarded as endangered by forest department of central India)

2. Vanda -vanda tessellata? -this orchid is also used by tribals for treatment of various respiratory and nervous diseases.

3. Rhynchostylis -rhynchostylis retusa?- this epiphyte is state flower of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam and found distribution in Orrissa and Andhra Pradesh. I found it in Kanha TR in M.P. hence confusion about the species.

These plants were clicked in Kanha Tiger Reserve, MP.

All three genus are said to be endangered due to biopiracy. These plants find major use in tribal medicine and cultural lifestyle. With most of the tribes now losing its roots and getting mixed with the urbanization, soon we may become oblivious to the significance of the plants which do not attract much attention like the charismatic animals tiger and elephant. Documenting the plants should be one of our primary goal.


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