wildlife art :)

I always envied my friends who could wear the art they painted on their dress. Being in wildlife, people have obsession for birds, herps and loads of other animals and they could paint too.I could never hold brush properly and paint. But my Mom taught me embroidery in school. I caught hold of Tshirts and drew two of my favourite animals, Hornbill and Sea-horse (for some it may not look what i drew though :p ). Anyways I drew and did embroidery, dont know about good or bad, but it gave me immense relaxation. Few days back i read that people are being encouraged to sketch and paint as it relaxes. Any form of art does and to me if i can combine art and wildlife it is more peaceful. When I write about wildlife and when I read, it fills me with amazing enthusiasm that i familiarize myself with so many animals. But this time the profit is double, coz i can wear my art 🙂 .

Hope many more to come.Sharing here. Anyone interested in ordering ? 😀embroidery fun continueembroidery fun


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