sustaining an idea

I personally do not believe in wearing my thoughts on sleeves. I do celebrate events like Independence day, Earth Hour, Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day, AIDS awareness Day etc. I understand that initiatives like these benefit a crowd of people who are still ignorant about certain issues.But initiative is one thing, sustaining the thought is more important. So when our new government decided to revive certain ideologies of our Father of Nation, I applaud for the initiative but really we have to teach us Indians how to be clean? Can we sustain these kind of thought process which are even mentioned in Vedas or we will just take it a responsibility to “celebrate” it for a day?

Let me share why I feel eventhough certain initiatives being nice slowly loses its enthusiasm as the days go by. First thing I feel is to make people involved should be slowly encouraged instead of making it more of a compulsory show. So for cleanliness drive or Yoga celebration if official order comes it becomes more of imposing rather that making it voluntary process. On paper it is voluntary but most of Government organization kind of enforce it on employees.And the minute we enforce a thing, the essence of idea vanishes.

My experience of cleanliness drive on 1st october 2015 was a pleasurable one but because I did it my way. So we were called by the administration of our institute to gather for cleanliness drive which would start from my institute gate towards city. By the time I got ready to go,I realized instead of going towards gate and outside institute (where already my colleague are present) why not I go towards the nature trail and clean it. The idea was suggested by my 2 other friends and immediate consensus was achieved. Out of enthusiasm we three forgot to get any gloves though we had bag to pick up litter. So my friend suggested that we pick up the litter with a leaf and not directly. We decided to abide by the idea and proceeded to clean our nature trail. Picking  the litter with leaf and using stick to pick up far lying polythene we rescued the nature trail as much as possible of a bagfull of litter in 2 hours. And what fruitful 2 hours that were !!!!

Cleaning others nonsense takes a lot of humility and courage. So from next time if you see water tap open and wastage of water, if you see geyser of common toilet open for long in your hostel or if you see bubblegum wrapper or matchbox dabba in protected area do what you think is right instead of walking away saying i didnt do it so none of my business. These little efforts matter. A lot of people dont throw toffee wrapper, water bottles outside moving car, but especially in the areas where wildlife sustains if you see plastic, picking up and disposing it at municipal waste wont belittle anyone in anyway but will definitely benefit nature on larger scale.

I understand, being clean and sensitive towards surrounding and nature is not the only way we can make these initiative sustainable. There should be more planned disposal system, collection of waste and recycle points from the government side. Banning plastic is important but getting a cheap and sustainable alternative is also required. The plastic which somehow come in our house by various forms should be collected at certain points. If we have different departmental stores why cant we have a electronic waste, polythene collection centers in our cities? Guess slowly changing mentality of people is required but providing alternatives is equally important if we want to remove any hazardous activity of us human and if we want to live green and sustain qualities of Mother nature.


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