Some of us can understand :D

on lighter note (from my FB page)
“No time to stand and stare”

Birds, butterflies and all the nature’s fanfare

We dance at the tunes of spatial points

Searching for centroid, hiking, we pain our joints

We reach the top and our GPS points the nadir

Confusions with technology that we cannot figure

Braked freefall, swimming, climbing, sliding and walking

What we all do to understand where the striped one is dwelling

Chased by elephants and bears

Long said farewell to our wildcraft gears

Looking for scats and pugmarks few

We decide camera-trap locations by these cues

Finally place the camera with fun

But dont think further there is problem none

Stealth by people,broken down by Elephant and Bear

We try to fill in lose gaps here and there

We get a bunch of picture

On which predict poor animal’s future

But then the villain models play cameo

Timid with numbers and equations our heart sunks low

Overcoming problems million, we decide on a number

But who knew a misprint can cause so much blunder

We correct this and that

with hope that financiers dont attack

Dont think money is all that matter

Else in conservation we would not enter

Passion for wildlife is our temperament

But our funny bone is also concurrent 😀


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