Blinking life….Its firefly :)

We have torch of our own

Helping you at times to find your way home

Dark is the time when you can meet me most

When I am ornamenting tree as a return gift for the host

It’s a pigment in me which makes me blink

Luciferin it is what else did u think?

This light we flash to signal the female

She responds slower in agreement to be my mate

My offspring prefer earth

Appetizing on worms and slugs in mirth

But off late we are not found much

Some says pesticide is causing slugs dearth

Also the bright light you humans use

The location of my low blinking mates is hard to deduce

Guess in few years we will be lost forever

Miraculous romantic light won’t be seen ever

……..Ridhima Solanki

***Image taken from internet


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