Imperfectly Beautiful…..

Have you came across a day when u really wanted to get some good photographs of birds and inspite of spending a couple of hours you never got a good shot? Happens to me all the time but I guess my love of watching birds never deter me from watching them more. I happen to meet photographers who would not “waste” their time photographing birds that they have already photographed once. I guess they must have reached the spot where they can’t find time and space to utilize the photographs.

Well I enjoy photographing birds and after hours of trying to get their right pose act of mine goes in vain I do not mind as I feel it’s the hide and seek they are playing and they are quite good at it. But here are the poses which from anyone’s point of view are not the perfect but I have kept them as I found them memorable and beautiful. See if you find it same too………

barbet canary flycatcher great tit koel parakeet rubythroat shikra thrush warbler white eye woodpecker

These birds i found beautiful not only because they are colourful creatures but because they were not posing for me. They were just busy in their own life and that’s what impresses!

(these are not perfect photographs but all were taken by me in the backyard of my institute…copyright reserved.)


2 thoughts on “Imperfectly Beautiful…..

    • yaah thought of writing it but then left it. ok so here it goes..1st one is brown headed barbet,grey-headed canary flycatcher,tickell’s blue flycatcher,great tit,asian koel,rose-ringed parakeet,white tailed rubythroat,shikra,orange-headed thrush,warbler,white eye,woodpecker…..actually the names of warbler and woodpecker i will conform! byee

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