What we have here?

panther spotteddeer  leopardleopard1 a spotless cheetah at the Athi Kapiti Conservancy in Kenya


The animals show some aberration from there normal morphological features. Here i have compiled few which at first do not look the animal that they really are.

The first one is a black panther, second a spotted deer and third melanistic leopard all reported and photographed from India. The fourth is strawberry colored leopard and the last one of spotless cheetah is taken from South Africa ‘s  Madikwe Game reserve and Athi Kapiti Conservancy in Kenya respectively.

The albinism is “The congenital absence of pigmentation in the eyes and skin and hair”. Erythrism is “a condition marked by exceptional prevalence of red pigmentation (as in hair or feathers)” and Leucism is “reduced pigmentation in animals due to recessive allelle not only melanin but all pigments”


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