just a question..

Well came across a question someone asked me. I jotted down what i think about these general question. you may or may not agree……

First is why we conserve?

We conserve:

  • To maintain the right balance in ecosystem and in turn our planet. Loss of any species contributes in unbalancing this “normal functioning” of system called Earth.
  • The unforeseen changes are mainly consequences of human activities and hence extinction or problem caused to any other species at the expense of our ill planned developments highlights the moral responsibilities of humans. Definitely the change is the part of evolution but in “natural sense”. When humans stay as a part of the system and bring change it is fine but when they start defining the system, it turns chaotic because mostly humans do not come to a consensus and hence Nature has to pay the price.
  • We definitely conserve for our selfish means. But since humans have the ability to think,plan and execute hence we should take steps to protect our environment and surroundings. We do conserve it for our own Survival apart from the recreational and aesthetic purposes.
  • With the new rise of diseases, which species can provide us a product which can be used as an immunity booster against many new- born diseases…n this we are still exploring.

What is wildlife health?

The wildlife health includes monitoring of the health of free ranging animals in the wild as well as any transmission of disease due to interaction of free ranging animals with domestic livestock as well as humans. To maintain the “normal behavior “of any animal in its surrounding a regular check on them should be undertaken. The overall interaction of any species within its niche and its contribution to the ecosystem without any erratic change means actually that health of that species is good and hence the wildlife is healthy.


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